Cosmetic Chemistry

Peptides: more than transmitters and hormones

It was during research for my cosmetic chemistry book that I came across this article written by a Dr Hans Lautenschlger. It wasnt only this article that caught my attention but here was someone who had a similar mindset to myself about cosmetic formulations, I will be running a series of Dr Hans research and I believe that those of you I have.....

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Topically applied collagen

Collagen has been a component of skin care formulations for many years, and over this time there have been numerous claims of its efficiency to directly assist in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles by supplementing the skins own collagen and assist in the development of new collagen. In years past, we believed the marketing hype that led.....

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Preservatives in skin care

We are hearing more and more about the potential dangers of preservatives in cosmetic and skin care products of late, and there are thousands of documents in circulation in print and on the web that confuse the issue by providing such a variety of conflicting ideas and data that people simply do not know who and what to believe. The question of.....

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Are Perfumes Harmful?

You spray your favorite perfume as you get ready for the new day. You want to start off smelling great but you might not know that you could actually be harming yourself or others in your household with each spritz. Are you wondering how something that smells as wonderful as your perfume could be harmful? The answer to this question may be.....

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Biopeptides: the next big thing?

Banner Biopeptides:the next big thing? Researched By Ralph Hill In an age where there seems to be new discoveries almost every week, it is no surprise to find biotechnology that bordered on science fiction a number of years ago becoming reality and part of our daily lives. Skin care ingredients and formulations are a prime example of this, and.....

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Nanotechnology & Skin Care

We are hearing the term Nanotechnology used more frequently in marketing of skin care products, and while the term sounds like it belongs in robotics and science fiction, it is rapidly becoming a reality in medicine and skin care. Currently, there are approximately three new products incorporating Nanotechnologies being released per week across.....

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Hydroquinone: Cure worse than complaint?

Researched By Ralph Hill Despite being banned for use in skin treatment products in over a dozen western and African countries, Hydroquinone is still used in the US and Canada for de-pigmentation (skin lightening) in formulations with concentrations of 2% over the counter and up to 4% by prescription. Why is it still prescribed when it has.....

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Fluorinated oils and cosmetics

Of the many unusual (from a traditional perspective) chemicals finding their way in to modern cosmetics and skin care are fluorinated oils. A quick search regarding the development and uses of these specialty oils finds us looking at synthetic fluids commonly associated with air-conditioning. So how do oils used in such a dissimilar industry to.....

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Recommended Reading

Advanced Skin Analysisis is the book for the skin treatment therapist of the new millennium, taking therapists on a journey of discovery and revision of their chosen profession. read more Cosmetic chemistry is not another dictionary of cosmetic ingredients, but rather an informative look at understanding the subject of cosmetic chemistry from a Clinical Aesthetician and Beauty Therapist’s viewpoint. read more needling  This book provides a concise guide to this exceptional modality,
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